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Netti Hintler a New beginning 110 x90.jpg
Netti Hintler -über den wolken 2022
Netti.hintler -septembre

"Über den Wolken - above the clouds" 2022, 60x80cm, Oil on canvas

"Nuit bleu" 2020, 20x30cm, mixed media on paper

"Die Welle - the wave" 2020, 17x15cm, oil on paper

In my creations, I seek to capture horizons, lights,  the colors and shapes of the landscape and the sky.
Je  does not seek to reproduce concrete landscapes, rather  impressions and feelings.
netti hintler

My inspiration has always been the beauty of the landscapes of my environment, both the mountains and the lakes of my country of origin, Bavaria, the colors and the skies in the south of France where I now live, and finally and especially the inspiring stays in Italy, which have a significant influence on my paintings.

Delicate and exciting landscape compositions with overlapping multi-layered paint applications, mostly in oil, create a dynamic overall picture. The mysterious magic of color evokes mood, desire, peace and space.

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